A travel agency employee of the European residence sends you the Spain travel information of how to walk, the recommended spot of the free trip mainly on the world heritages in Spain.
You will be abel to get a hot information not written in a guidebook that I collected myself walked around the whole Spain.

World heritage in Spain - The Spanish tourist guidebook which does not appear in a guidebook

World heritage cities in Spain - Spanish sightseeing map

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A tourist attraction according to the Spanish History

Spain Map

While Spain is one country, she has a different face in each city.
There are a lot of inheritances with the history as the crossing of Islam and the Christ culture and a relation.
You can enjoy a Spanish trip when you prepare for tomorrow's lesson before seeing the sights what is the thing of which times.

Charm of the Spanish sightseeing

In the Spanish trip, it is charm that you can appreciate the history, culture and the art inheritances from the times of the Roman Empire which is not seen in the other European areas to the present age at a time.
When you can write it to Barcelona of the Mediterranean Sea coast via Spanish southern part Andalucia district from Madrid approximately 10 days and turn around slowly and carefully, you thoroughly can fully enjoy Spanish charm.

You should stay at one city, and not a busy tour to move, "the tour that can enjoy Spain to the full slowly and carefully" is particularly recommended for senior and the Spain trip of the woman every day.

  • Spanish world heritage
    There are many remains of the various history, culture and individual art, and Spain is had as a crossing country of Islam and the Christ culture.
    In Spain, as for the number of the authorization, it is it in the one of the countries with many places appointed to "a world heritage" most in the world in 39 places.
    The Spanish world heritage is the history and the culture itself which are Spanish richness.
    Because Spain is different from the history of the Italian small country historically, and it is the history of a dynasty, the empire, as for the world heritage building, a lot of solid things are worth seeing at all.
  • Nature of warm Mediterranean climate and the scenery of the country
    Spain is blessed with the beautiful scenery and topography of scenery and the Mediterranean Sea of the simple country. More than 60 million touristis charmed every year by nature of Spanish country and culture, the history.
  • Spanish Art
    The greatest charm point of the Spanish trip is Museo Nacional del Prado, Queen Sofia art center, Picaso Museum, Miro Museum and various art museum circulation.
    In each Spanish art museum, you can observe the high quality work of art collection including the work of many artists whom Spain produced.
    Painters such as Picasso, Dali, Miro, Bella Kes, El Greco, Goya and Antoni Gaudi?B
    A Spanish trip cannot miss the trip over the famous tunes such as Rodrigo, Casals, Segovia, Yepes, Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras and "the memory of the Al Kahn bra" or "the Alan festival concerto" in the music, too.
  • Spanish Food
    Another pleasure of the Spanish trip is Spanish food.
    There are tastes more than it whether Spanish food displays shoulders in country Italy of appetite.
    Spanish food can enjoy abundant taste by a rich cooking ingredient such as cereals, an olive, wine, vegetables, garlic, cheese, yogurt, fish, meat, an egg, fruit.
    The octopus which I boiled eating with olive oil and a kite of fried chicken, salt parcel burning condition of a sea bream are unrivaled articles?B

The Spanish many charm melts into the Japanese society so as to overwhelm other European countries.
The flamenco, a guitar, bullfighting, Carmen, paella, tacos, soccer, golf, synchronized swimming. As for the Spanish culture, only this is in we Japanese with friendly feeling.

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